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Vice Chair for Education

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Richard Hamill

Vice Chair for Education, Richard J. Hamill, M.D. 

Vice-Chair for Education Group Members

  • Richard J. Hamill, M.D. – Vice-Chair for Education
  • Galant Chan, M.D. – Internal Medicine Residency Program Director
  • Anoop Agrawal, M.D. – Medicine/Pediatrics Program Director
  • Allison Heinen, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Katy Hicks, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Wilson Lam, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Kristen Lavere, M.D. – Associate Program Director 
  • Lee Lu, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Marc Robinson, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Zaven Sargsyan, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Chirayu Shah, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Stephanie Sherman, M.D. – Associate Program Director
  • Andrew Caruso, M.D. – Core Clerkship Director
  • Maria Maldonado, M.D. - Associate Core Clerkship Director
  • Anita Kusnoor, M.D. – Sub-internship Director
  • Lubna Khawaja, M.B.,B.S. - Department Lead Elective Official
  • Joni D. Owens – Manager, Program Management

The key, first goals for the Vice Chair Group for Education are as follows:

Strategic Plan #1

Goal: Develop a curriculum for faculty development related to medical student/resident/fellow education.

  • Establish a faculty development workshop series
  • Peer observation/evaluation of teaching efforts
  • Increase frequency & faculty participation
  • Develop a robust evidence-based medicine curriculum
  • Encourage formal training in educational philosophy/techniques

Strategic Plan #2

Goal: Encourage increased participation in the Department of Medicine Grand Rounds.

  • Develop process for obtaining ABIM Maintenance of Certification points for participation in Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
  • Improve quality of presentations
  • Increase off-site access to DoM Grand Rounds
  • Incorporate attendance in annual faculty evaluation/bonus process
  • Streamline and improve communications/announcements regarding Grand Rounds

Strategic Plan #3

Goal: Promote trainee well-being by continuing to develop & enhance the BCM IM Resident Wellness Program, and by expanding its access to medical students, fellows & DoM faculty.

  • Invite national authorities for Grand Rounds and/or workshops
  • Increase number and participation in wellness events
  • Improve debriefing following traumatic patient events
  • Develop training for faculty on ways to identify burnout & support residents
  • Improve counseling service access Improve communication to trainees of wellness resources

Strategic Plan #4

Goal: Develop a transparent administrative process for underperforming residents and faculty.

  • Set parameters that initiate a remediation plan for underperforming residents
  • Identify responsible individuals to provide counseling
  • Develop a standardized format in writing to provide a remediation plan
  • Require feedback on remediation session and deadlines that are strictly adhered to
  • Develop a resource database of remediation resources

Strategic Plan #5

Goal #1 – Improve research opportunities for internal medicine residents & fellows.

  • Establish a research advisory committee for residents & fellows
  • Develop/update database of research projects
  • Publicize Fundamentals of Clinical Investigation Course to encourage resident/fellow participation
  • Work with Vice-Chair Group for Research to establish a research support infrastructure
  • Improved funding for conference travel & presentation

Goal #2 – Develop a more robust physician scientist (e.g., MeRIT) training program.

  • Establish a MeRIT Program advisory committee
  • Designate an Associate Program Director with 0.1 protected time for this role
  • Develop a formal curriculum for MeRIT scholars in conjunction with other physician scientist training programs
  • Establish a database of funded research mentors
  • Establish a formal recruitment & interview process for MeRIT candidates