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Vice Chair for Education

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Richard Hamill

Vice Chair for Education, Richard J. Hamill, M.D. 

Vice-Chair for Education Group Members

Richard J. Hamill, M.D. – Vice-Chair for Education
Anoop Agrawal, M.D. – Medicine/Pediatrics Program Director
Chirayu Shah, M.D. – Associate Program Director
Wilson Lam, M.D. – Associate Program Director
Stacey Rose, M.D. – Associate Program Director
Zaven Sargsyan, M.D. – Associate Program Director
Stephanie Sherman, M.D. – Associate Program Director
Erica Lescinskas, M.D. – Associate Program Director
Andrew Caruso, M.D. – Core Clerkship Director
Frene LaCour-Chestnut, M.D. – Associate Core Clerkship Director
Joni D. Owens – Program Coordinator

The key, first goals for the Vice Chair Group for Education are as follows:

Strategic Plan #1

Goal: Develop a curriculum for faculty development related to medical student/resident/fellow education.
1. Establish a faculty development workshop series
2. Peer observation/evaluation of teaching efforts
3. Increase frequency & faculty participation
4. Develop a robust evidence-based medicine curriculum
5. Encourage formal training in educational philosophy/techniques

Strategic Plan #2

Goal: Encourage increased participation in the Department of Medicine Grand Rounds.
1. Develop process for obtaining ABIM Maintenance of Certification points for participation in Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
2. Improve quality of presentations
3. Increase off-site access to DoM Grand Rounds
4. Incorporate attendance in annual faculty evaluation/bonus process
5. Streamline and improve communications/announcements regarding Grand Rounds

Strategic Plan #3

Goal: Promote trainee well-being by continuing to develop & enhance the BCM IM Resident Wellness Program, and by expanding its access to medical students, fellows & DoM faculty.
1. Invite national authorities for Grand Rounds and/or workshops
2. Increase number and participation in wellness events
3. Improve debriefing following traumatic patient events
4. Develop training for faculty on ways to identify burnout & support residents
5. Improve counseling service access Improve communication to trainees of wellness resources

Strategic Plan #4

Goal: Develop a transparent administrative process for underperforming residents and faculty.
1. Set parameters that initiate a remediation plan for underperforming residents
2. Identify responsible individuals to provide counseling
3. Develop a standardized format in writing to provide a remediation plan
4. Require feedback on remediation session and deadlines that are strictly adhered to
5. Develop a resource database of remediation resources

Strategic Plan #5

Goal #1 – Improve research opportunities for internal medicine residents & fellows.
1. Establish a research advisory committee for residents & fellows
2. Develop/update database of research projects
3. Publicize Fundamentals of Clinical Investigation Course to encourage resident/fellow participation
4. Work with Vice-Chair Group for Research to establish a research support infrastructure
5. Improved funding for conference travel & presentation

Goal #2 – Develop a more robust physician scientist (e.g., MeRIT) training program.
1. Establish a MeRIT Program advisory committee
2. Designate an Associate Program Director with 0.1 protected time for this role
3. Develop a formal curriculum for MeRIT scholars in conjunction with other physician scientist training programs
4. Establish a database of funded research mentors
5. Establish a formal recruitment & interview process for MeRIT candidates