Thank you for your interest in applying to the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program at Baylor College of Medicine. All applicants interested in our residency programs must be registered through the National Residency Match Program and are required to use the Electronic Residency Application Service offered by the American Association of Medical Colleges. 

Application Requirements

  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation Letter
  • Chair's Letter (or an individual designated by the chair)
  • At least two additional letters of recommendation from faculty
  • Medical school transcript
  • Personal statement
  • Curriculum vitae
  • USMLE Step 1 and 2 scores (if available)
  • Graduate from medical school within the past three years

The residency selection committee reviews each application individually to identify the best candidates for the residency program. In addition to academic performance, we review the application holistically taking into account the letters of recommendation, personal statement, leadership and scholarly activities, work ethic, professionalism, and being well-rounded. Based on recent years, the average interview candidate has a Step 1 score of ~240 and a Step 2 score of ~250. Although we do not use absolute cutoffs, we discourage applications with Step scores below 210. The residency program does not require a supplemental application or fees.

*Information provided above as recommended by the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine. Visit the AAIM website to learn more.

Program Track Options

The Baylor Internal Medicine residency program offers six separate tracks:

Categorical (NRMP# 1716140C0)
Three year program geared towards residents choosing to practice general medicine or pursue subspecialty training.

Preliminary (NRMP# 1716140P0)
One year training program for residents who will be matching into another advanced residency program after completing their PGY1 year.

Combined Medicine/Pediatrics (NRMP# 17167O0C0)
Four year training program with clinical experiences in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Baylor-MD Anderson Cancer Center Track (NRMP# 1716140C2)
Starting in the 2015 academic year, Baylor is joining forces with the number one cancer center in the country for a unique pathway that fosters the physicians in cancer-related Internal Medicine.

Primary Care Track Program (NRMP# 1716140M0)
Starting in the 2016 academic year, Baylor is expanding with this new program focused on developing general internists with expertise in inter-professional team based care.

MeRIT - Medical Resident Investigator Track (NRMP# 1716140C1)
Five year research intensive curriculum for residents interested in an academic career pursuing clinical research.

Medical Genetics Track (NRMP# 1716766C0)
Four year combined training in Internal Medicine and Medical Genetics and Genomics.


The residency program will begin sending invitations for interviews starting in mid-October. We aim to update you on the status of your application by the end of November. If you do not receive communication regarding your application status, it is still undergoing review. The program uses Thalamus, an online/mobile application, to schedule your interview day. Each interview position is highly valued so we appreciate your timely response if you decide to change/cancel your interview.

The interview process includes meeting with the residency program director and chair of the Section of Internal Medicine. The interview day includes two face-to-face interviews with a faculty member and/or chief resident on the selection committee, lunch with the residents, and attending morning report. The applicant is invited to a dinner with the residents the night prior to the interview day to encourage learning about the program in a more casual environment. Details about your visit will be emailed with your interview invitation.

Based on APDIM policy recommendations, we discourage routine thank you notes or e-mails from interviewed applicants as these will play no role in the ranking process. These communications may not routinely receive a reply. In addition, the residency office will not communicate regarding your rank position. We do encourage applicants to submit questions regarding any aspect of the program to


The NRMP opens Sept. 1. Rank list certification deadline is mid-February.