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Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Resident Teaching


Lecture Topics Planned for 2019-2020

  • Resident as clinical coach
  • Chalk Talk Workshops
  • Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting
  • Teaching Procedures
  • Teaching the Physical Exam
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Teaching at the Bedside
  • Professional Development
  • Best Practices for Working with Sub-Interns

Past AoRE Lectures

  • Clinical coaching and setting expectations
  • Teaching at the bedside
  • Adult learning theory
  • Teaching in the ambulatory setting
  • Evaluating oral presentations
  • Teaching the physical exam

AoRE LAB: A Medical Education Research Elective


The AoRE LAB elective was created for residents with future career interests in academic medicine. In addition to working on an educational research project, residents attend a longitudinal series of seminar and journal clubs that cover topics related to developing, implementing and evaluating educational interventions.

Current educational research projects include implementing or evaluating Patient Memorials, Upper Level Bootcamp, Advocacy Education, Residency Recruitment innovation, Simulation delivery strategies, and more.

Upon completion of the AoRE LAB Medical Education Research Elective requirements, residents will be awarded the Medical Education Research Certificate that recognizes their work in educational research.

The AoRE Executive Board:
PGY-3: Jackie Birnbaum, Nico Herrera, Jefferson Triozzi, Holland Kaplan, Eva Amenta
PGY-2: Adam Kley, Christian Inchaustegui, Divya Verma, Komal Muradali, Ruchit Rana


Distinguished Educator Certificate


The Academy of Resident Educators created an award to recognize residents who have demonstrated excellence in medical education during their training. Residents who spend dedicated hours engaged in direct teaching, personal development, and medical education research are eligible to receive the Distinguished Educator Certificate at the time of graduation.


Medical Education Research Certificate


Upon completion of the AoRE LAB Medical Education Research Elective requirements, residents will be awarded a certificate that recognizes their work in educational research.