Membership is open to all individuals interested in contributing to the mission of the Center for Space Medicine. The center’s mission is to be a world academic leader in space biomedical research and education, and to translate the advances gained in knowledge and technology to benefit life on Earth.

CSM membership categories and criteria are listed below.


Members of the center are active faculty, adjunct faculty or staff of Baylor College of Medicine, who meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  1. Investigators on peer-reviewed grants relevant to space biomedical research or space medicine;
  2. Active collaborators whose research efforts are an essential component of CSM;
  3. Clinicians and clinical investigators who have professional expertise and experience in space medicine, research and/or education, and who are committed to participation in the CSM mission;
  4. Experts and leaders in space biomedical research or space medicine whose teaching efforts are an essential component of CSM.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are distinguished individuals with expertise and experience relevant to CSM and its mission. The criteria are similar to members except that affiliate members are not Baylor faculty or staff. Affiliate members include but are not limited to professors, scientists, astronauts, physicians, NASA personnel, industry leaders and prominent space leaders at the national or international level.

Associate Members

Associate members include junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, residents and staff at an accredited academic institution, as well as government or industry personnel, with interests relevant to CSM and its mission.

Student Members

Student members participate in and contribute to CSM activities. Typically, student members are enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, medical or health-related degree program.

Honorary Members

Honorary members include those individuals in the community who have made significant contributions and who help enable CSM to achieve its mission.

Affiliate Organizations

Affiliate organizations include academic, commercial and government entities having cooperative or collaborative interactions with CSM in areas of mutual interest.

Membership Privileges

  • Will receive CSM publications and access to the center’s intranet site.
  • Will receive invitations to seminars, conferences and retreats sponsored by CSM.
  • May receive an allocation of center space to conduct activities supporting the mission of CSM.
  • May have access to CSM funds to support work advancing the center’s mission.

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Work with other members of CSM to develop, facilitate and/or participate in center programs.
  • Notify CSM administration of space-related grant proposals in which the member is or plans to be involved.
  • Facilitate and/or participate in coordinated CSM fundraising activities.

Applications and Membership Terms

Applications are reviewed by the CSM Membership Committee, which also reviews current member status on an annual basis. Membership appointments are made in accordance with the above guidelines, allowing for special considerations. The director has the final authority regarding membership.