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TRISH strives to provide outstanding educational materials for anyone who wants to learn more about space health and the challenges of human space exploration. The following resources are an excellent and thorough introduction to space health.

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How the Body Changes in Space

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To understand how to solve the health challenges of human space exploration, we must know the risks to human health during space travel. Learn more about what happens to the body during space travel.

Launching Your Space Health Career

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The space health industry can seem challenging to enter, but there are many paths for students, established professionals, and everyone in between to explore their passions and interests. Learn more about how to launch your career in space health!

Space Health: Surviving the Final Frontier

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In its recent documentary, Space Health: Surviving the Final Frontier, TRISH explores the challenges and risks to human health during space exploration. 

TRISH Orbit Rendezvous

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The TRISH hosts its monthly virtual TRISH Orbit Rendezvous, a gathering for space health researchers, students, investors and enthusiasts. Each month, the discussion focuses on some aspect of solving the challenges of space exploration-associated human health risks. Register for the webinar and watch the recordings.

Red Risk School

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A virtual, interactive informational workshop that details NASA Human Research Program-defined high priority risks for crew health on exploratory missions and approaches to address these risks. Designed to give researchers without previous NASA experience - or those who are curious - an understanding of the top (or red) risks astronauts face in deep space.

Why We Go

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In partnership with Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative, TRISH presents a limited, virtual discussion series examining interplanetary exploration through conversations with diverse experts optimistically answering the question, why do humans go to space? The series speaks to the hard science and the human elements, allowing us to think holistically about human society and our path to the future. 

Space Health Primer

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Dr. John B. Charles presents this introduction to space health, including history of human spaceflight, its hazards and methods of spaceflight research. The talk is a primer for those new to the field of space health research.

Tech Exploration in Space

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TRISH invites leading figures in cutting-edge health technology to deep dive into their research in this periodic interactive webinar series.