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Upcoming TRISH Solicitations

  • The BRASH 2101 solicitation will be announced in fall 2020.
  • The next postdoctoral fellowship solicitation will be announced in fall 2020.

Visit TRISH's grant submission portal

Industry Solicitation

TRISH is awarding from $100,000 to $500,000 to selected companies ready to confront behavioral health challenges astronauts will face on a future journey to Mars. The award is intended to support one year’s work to advance the technology. Full proposals are due by 5 p.m. EST June 26, 2020.

Learn more about the behavioral health challenges in space with TRISH's Red Risk School webinar series. View TRISH solicitation webinars from May 5 and June 9 and updated Frequently Asked Questions.

View the TRISH's industry solicitation.

TRISH Faculty/Scientist Exchange: Space Health Swap

TRISH's Faculty/Scientist Exchange, or Space Health Swap, stimulates new collaborations, ideas and approaches for space biomedical research. This is an opportunity for external scientists, researchers, engineers, and physicians to spend time at a NASA center; and NASA civil servants to spend time at an external laboratory, company or university.

This program has been delayed due to COVID-19.

Human-Based Models to Study Effects of Space Radiation and Countermeasures

TRISH's radiation solicitations is now open via NSPIRES. Learn more about the solicitation from the first pre-solicitation webinar, second pre-solicitation webinarpresentation and frequently-asked questions document.

The TSRAD 2020 Step-2 proposal deadline has been extended to May 14, 2020. Please see the NSPIRES website for more details.

Catalyst Proposals

Catalyst Proposals grants are unsolicited proposals that may be submitted at any time. This funding vehicle is best suited for pilot or proof-of-principle projects with a small amount of funding and a short duration.

Schedule: Unsolicited or directed. Submit any time.
Annual Funding Amount: Generally less than $100,000 but can be up to $350,000
Duration: Up to two years
Review: Programmatic relevance and external scientific peer reviews. Reviewed as received.

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