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Barry K’s Story: Total Hip Replacement


I initially went in because my knee was causing a problem. I had my ACL and meniscus done years ago, so I went in thinking it was my knee again. I saw Dr. Bruce Moseley and after examining me he said, “You know Barry, I want to make sure it is your knee not your hip. Sometime hip pain shows up in the knee.” Dr. Moseley took an x-ray, pulled it up on the screen for me to see and said, “Barry, your hip is shot. I am going to send you over to Dr. Mo Halawi.”

This diagnosis came right in the middle of five months of physical therapy for my leg that had atrophied. At my meeting with Dr. Halawi, he told me to continue with physical therapy for my atrophied leg, but we needed to discuss hip surgery. He and I talked about it and he educated and showed me what he was going to do. After two postponements due to COVID-19, my total hip replacement was done in May of 2020.

Total Hip Replacement at Baylor Medicine
On the day of my total hip replacement, Dr. Halawi again went over what he was going to do and we both agreed I didn’t want to take opioids after surgery. I really liked the fact that a doctor didn’t press medication on me.

Despite the fact my surgery took twice as long as usual because of the unfortunate state of my hip, I began walking immediately with the help of a walker. I was discharged that afternoon. I followed his advice and did not use any opioids after surgery as they were not needed.

Everyone from the nurses and staff, the rehab team, to the scheduler and admins were just wonderful! I love your facility on Cambridge Street. It is clean, easy to park, easy to get in and out.

The night after the surgery I was walking with a walker, the next day I did 4/10 of a mile. I kept on increasing it, doing exactly what he told me, which is walk. I did my physical therapy. Two weeks after the surgery, Dr. Halawi said I could get rid of my walker. Now six weeks later I am walking about three miles a day.

I can walk without pain. I can swim without pain. I can do everything I want to do. I just feel great. I feel 10 years younger than before! I am HAPPY! I don’t think anyone likes going to the hospital for surgery, but if you must do that, I would recommend my experience with Baylor Medicine and Dr. Halawi. Dr. Halawi gave me back my life!