About the High Risk Skin Cancer Clinic

Some patients, as a result of genetic predisposition, medical conditions, or medications affecting the immune system, are at higher risk for skin cancer. Skin cancers in these patients are often multiple and aggressive. At risk individuals include:

  • Transplant recipients (solid organ and stem cell)
  • Genetic syndrome patients (Gorlin's, Rombo, Bazex, xeroderma pigmentosum, Muir-Torre)
  • Lymphoma patients (non-Hodgkin lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia)
  • HIV patients
  • Patients with autoimmune diseases and other conditions requiring long-term immunosuppressive medications

The High Risk Skin Cancer Clinic was established to provide early detection and prompt treatment of skin cancer in high-risk individuals. We educate patients on sun protection, teach self-examination, and schedule regular follow-up visits for full body skin examinations. We specialize in medical and surgical therapies for skin cancer treatment, including Mohs micrographic surgery. We believe in a team approach and work closely with transplant physicians and oncologists (medical, surgical, and radiation) to provide comprehensive care to our patients.