The following are Graduate Medical Education Office resource contacts for residents and fellows in need of assistance. Please contact your department’s GME coordinator first. View a list of contacts by department.

Resource Contacts



Office or Service

Laurel Williams, D.O.

(713) 798-5622

GME Liaison

Marwan Yared, M.D.

(713) 873-3203

GME Liaison

Heather Goodman, M.D., Ph.D.

(713) 798-4881

Housestaff Counseling Service (for personal or family counseling needs) Note: 12 free sessions per year provided for trainees and their significant others

Sandra (Sandy) Dunn

(713) 798-5886

Office of Employee Relations (for HR issues)

Ellen Friedman, M.D.

(713) 798-4553

Office of Professionalism (for professionalism issues)