The following are resources for program directors and coordinators:

Helpful Resources from the New Program Directors' Luncheons

Special Reviews

Below, you will find some helpful resources for you to use when preparing for your program's special review.

Away Rotations

Download a form for Baylor residents and clinical fellows wishing to do an elective outside the Baylor affiliated hospitals. 

Navigating the ACGME Website

The most important site for any program director or coordinator of a program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education is the ACGME site. The directors and coordinators page is especially important. There are areas with protected information on the website and in order to access this you will need your program’s 10-digit ACGME program number and a password created by the director or coordinator. 

Another important link you will use is the Accreditation Data System, which is the online reporting system. Each year, program directors/coordinators are responsible for verifying/updating critical accreditation program information (including case logs for some specialties) and keeping resident records current. Annually, the ACGME Data Department sends information about deadlines.

Many Residency Review Committees also require residents to input information about procedures and operations into the ACGME Case Log System. The Case Log Information Page contains a lot of useful information about case logs and a link to helpful tutorials.  Be sure to know if your specialty RRC has this requirement.

The ACGME site also includes many other important areas to use. In particular, you will need to know the Common Program Requirements and the requirements for your specialty. These can be found on the program directors and coordinators page, under the PD and Coordinator Resources section on the right of the page.