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School of Health Professions

Advanced Standing for PA Program


The curriculum of the Baylor College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program is delivered in a sequential manner with each subsequent semester building upon the coursework completed in the previous one. As a result, the program does not routinely consider applicants for advanced standing. If you have a question regarding advanced standing, please email paprogram@bcm.edu.


Petition for Course Acceptance


Already enrolled students may petition for placement out of a course in the curriculum of the PA Program if the course was completed as part of another graduate program leading to a master's or doctoral degree. The written request must be received 30 days prior to the beginning of the term in which the course appears and accompanied by a letter from the Baylor course director indicating agreement that the course in question is, indeed, equivalent to the Baylor offered course.

The completed request with accompanying documents, if approved by the program director, is then forwarded to the Registrar for action. The Baylor course director must in turn assign and file a grade for the course with the Registrar for entry on the transcript. Advanced standing through placement out of a course will not be considered if the course work being proposed is more than five years old.


Acceptance in Transfer


This is the acceptance of students in transfer from other accredited graduate-level programs in the health sciences, in particular PA programs and medical schools. Because of the varied content and sequencing of courses in PA programs and medical schools, advanced standing is to the first day of the clinical phase of the curriculum. Students in good academic standing who seek advanced standing transfer into the Baylor PA Program must accomplish the following:

  • Complete the standard CASPA application to include all required, non-refundable fees
  • Provide a letter of reference from the school dean or program director supporting the application for transfer that documents academic standing status
  • Submit transcripts documenting attainment of the required grade point average and successful completion of all course prerequisites to PA Program Admissions Office
  • Submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) results documenting attainment of minimum required scores to PA Program Admissions Office
  • Participate in three on-campus interviews with program faculty by invitation only



Someone who has met the prerequisite and has been judged acceptable as a result of the interview process would be notified by the PA Program Admissions Committee of any offer of acceptance based upon space available.


International Medical Graduates Placement


We do not accept international medical graduates (IMGs) for advanced standing. IMGs are welcome to apply for acceptance into the entire 30-month program. Program admission prerequisites and all requirements for making application for admission are the same for all applicants.


Competency Documentation


Student transfers from other PA programs or medical schools are required to complete the following subject exams and demonstrate the ability to effectively interview and examine a patient prior to beginning the clinical phase of the curriculum. The assessment process requires:

  • Successful completion of the comprehensive Clinical Readiness Examination with a minimum passing grade of 76
  • Successful completion of six subject exams in Clinical Medicine, Women's Health, Pediatrics, Clinical Prevention, Physical Diagnosis, and Problem Solving in Medicine with a minimum passing grade of 76
  • Successful performance one comprehensive and one problem-specific patient work-ups with at least 76 percent accuracy graded by a program faculty member
  • Meet with program director and Master's Paper Project coordinator to formalize agreement about what additional steps must be taken to bring any research underway into line with Baylor policies



Failure to complete any one of the six subject or two skills exams will result in the denial of advanced standing and the requirement that the individual complete the entire 30-month curriculum of the Baylor PA Program without exception.