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Student Profile: Emily Leptich

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Emily Leptich

Mentor: Rachel Arey, Ph.D.
Undergraduate major: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, Linguistics
Undergraduate school: University of Arizona
Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of learning and memory and age-related cognitive decline

Why did you choose Baylor College of Medicine?

I chose Baylor because of the strong sense of community.

What is your research interest?

Specifically, I am interested in the role of neuropeptides in modulating long-term associative memory in C. elegans.

Why did you choose your mentor?

I greatly appreciate Rachel's approachability and enthusiasm for science!

Did Baylor’s location in the Texas Medical Center enhance your experience?

Baylor's location allows for a great environment for collaboration.

What do you enjoy about living in Houston?

There's always something fun to do!