Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Students: Cancer & Cell Biology


Student Profiles


Students are attracted to our program from all across the country and around the world to pursue research in cancer and cell biology. Several of our students have written about their experiences at BCM. Read the profiles below to learn about our students.


Natalie Biel

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Mentor:  Anna Sokac, Ph.D.
Undergraduate major:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Undergraduate school:  Mercer University

Taylor Chen

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Mentor:  H. Daniel Lacorazza, Ph.D.
Undergraduate major:  Engineering
Undergraduate school:  Swarthmore College

Giselle de la Torre Pinedo

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Mentor: William Decker, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Major: Molecular Biology
Undergraduate School: Pomona College

Sarah Herzog

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Mentor: Suzanne Fuqua, Ph.D.
Undergraduate major: Biochemistry
Undergraduate school: University of Notre Dame

Raghav Ramabadran

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Mentor:  Margaret (Peggy) Goodell, Ph.D.
Undergraduate major:  Biomedical Sciences
Undergraduate school:  York University

Eric Philip Souto

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Mentor: Michael Lewis, Ph.D.
Undergraduate major: B.S., Neuroscience
Undergraduate school:  University of Minnesota – Twin Cities