Department of Pediatrics



During the first year of Child Neurology Training, residents spend six months rotating in various adult neurology rotations and six months rotating at Texas Children’s Hospital. This year is designed to teach the fundamentals of caring for neurology patients.

First-year residents evaluate patients in the outpatient clinics, on consult services and in the emergency room. They also manage patients admitted to neurology services. Additionally, they have rotations in Neuropathology, Neuroimaging and Neurophysiology.

Second- and third-year residents have a total of six months rotating through specialized Adult Neurology Outpatient Clinics that are integrated with a related Pediatric Neurology Outpatient Clinic experience to include Demyelinating Disorders, Neuromuscular Disease, Movement Disorders and Epilepsy. Upper-level residents additionally serve to supervise the Child Neurology Inpatient teams. A number of elective months allows for further development of individual clinical interests.

The wide diversity of patients seen in our hospitals exposes residents to a myriad of neurologic disorders and provides a broad exposure to all aspects of neurology: acute neurological emergencies, common chronic diseases and tertiary referral neurology. There are more than 3,500 neurology admissions per year to our hospitals and thousands more consults representing a diverse and unique clinical experience.


First Year

  • Adult Neurology Inpatient – 6 months (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Ben Taub Hospital, Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  • Child Neurology Inpatient Primary Service - 2 months
  • Introduction to Neuropathology - 1 month
  • Introduction of EEG and Neurophysiology - 2 months
  • Introduction to Neuroimaging - 1 month
  • Genetics - 1 month

Second Year

  • Outpatient Adult Neurology - 2 months
  • Outpatient Child Neurology - 2 months
  • Child Neurology Inpatient Consult Service - 2 month
  • Child Neurology Inpatient Primary Service - 2 months
  • Child Neurology ICU Consult Service - 2 months
  • Child Neurology Neurocritical Care Service - 1 month
  • Elective - 1 month

Third Year

  • Outpatient Adult Neurology - 3 months
  • Child Psychiatry - 1 month
  • Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – 1 month
  • Pediatric Neuro-oncology – 1 month
  • Pediatric Neuromuscular and Demyelinating disorders – 1 month
  • Neonatal ICU consult and fetal neurology service – 1 month
  • Clinical education – 1 month
  • Electives- 4 months