Department of Pediatrics

Reserved Position


The Reserved Position is a special pathway specifically designed for applicants who decided during residency—rather than during medical school—that child neurology is the right career choice for them. We do not necessarily offer this position every year. Please contact our program if you are interested in this position.

Once matched into our Reserved Child Neurology Position, the fellow will be immediately integrated into their first child neurology year along with the categorical child neurology residents who have just completed their own pediatrics training at Texas Children’s Hospital. The fellow will complete the same curriculum as a categorical child neurology resident during their three years of neurology.

The most common applicant for this position is someone who is finishing their three-year pediatrics residency and is interested in pursuing child neurology fellowship immediately afterwards. This is not the only type of applicant, however. See the requirements for applying for a Reserved Position below.

For reserved position applicants, prerequisite training outlined as follows, which can be initiated following one of three options:

  • Two years of residency training in pediatrics in the United States or Canada, or
  • One PGY-1 year (as described in the Program Requirements for Residency Education in Neurology, Section I.A.1*) and one year of residency training in pediatrics; or
  • One year of pediatrics plus one year of basic neuroscience training. The program director must review and determine the acceptability of these initial two years of training.