The Red Risk School: An Introduction to Human Health Risks in Deep Space

Red Risk School
An introduction to NASA's top human health risks in deep space

The Red Risk School is a virtual, interactive informational workshop that details NASA Human Research Program-defined high priority risks for crew health on space exploratory missions and approaches to address these risks. It is designed to give those without previous NASA experience - or even those who are simply curious - an understanding of the top, or red, risks astronauts will face as they travel to the Moon and Mars. This interactive, recorded series connects the dots between NASA's top risks, explains how research can be translated for use in space, and the diverse TRISH funding mechanisms that are available to scientists with space-translatable research.

Check out the additional recorded sessions and presentations to find out if your translational research could be funded by TRISH.

Update: The next Red Risk School series kicks off with a week-long set of interactives in February 2019 followed by a bi-weekly sessions March through July 2019.

Red Risk School Recorded Interactive on Fluid Shifts

Peter Norsk
credit: Jan JørgensenPeter Norsk

On Friday, June 8, 2018, Dr. Peter Norsk, NASA HRP HHC Element Scientist and TRISH senior science manager hosted an interactive presentation on "Intravascular pressures in space: implications for understanding hydrostatic and transmural pressures in clinical medicine on Earth." 

View the presentation charts.
Watch the recorded presentation.

Red Risk School Webinars and Presentation Charts

In the first week of April 2018, TRISH kicked off its Red Risk School - an introduction to the top, or red, risks, that humans will face as they plan to travel farther in space than ever before. The recorded sessions and presentation charts from the inaugural Red Risk School sessions follow:

April 2, 2018
Introduction by Drs. Jeffrey Willey and Zarana Patel
Spaceflight Radiation presented by Dr. Zarana Patel
Presentation charts
Recorded session

April 3, 2018
TRISH Solicitation Process Overview presented by Dr. Dorit Donoviel
Presentation charts    
Recorded session

April 4, 2018
Risk of Inadequate Food and Nutrition presented by Dr. Sara Zwart
Presentation charts
Recorded session 

April 5, 2018
Risk of Spaceflight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome presented by Drs. Tyson Brunstetter and William Tarver
Presentation charts
Recorded session

April 6, 2018
Flight Analogs presented by Dr. Ronita L. Cromwell
Presentation charts
Recorded session