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Center for Aesthetic Surgery


Our support staff is committed to delivering the highest level of service throughout the patient experience. We are here to help schedule your appointment, or answer any questions you may have regarding insurance, billing or other needs.


McDaniel, RuFina
(713) 798-8877

Mendieta, Sandra (Dr. Izaddoost)
(713) 798-6305

Pulido, Connie (Dr. Brown and Residents)
(713) 798-5227

Sweet, Theresa
(713) 798-7602

Billing and Collections

Wolfe, Emily (Patient Insurance Specialist)
(713) 798-2009

Staff (Texas Children's Hospital)

Arce, Sara
(832) 822-3185

Flores, Angie (Appointments)
(832) 822-3189

Portillo, Marlene (Dr. Hollier)
(832) 822-3195