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Insurance Coverage


If you are enrolled in a managed care program (HMO, PPO or POS), our services may be covered by your plan. More than 50 managed care companies offer Baylor Medicine as a choice for cancer diagnosis, treatment, screening and prevention.

Check with your employer or health plan to see if you have access to care through the Baylor Network, serving patients in our center and throughout the community.

Also check with your insurance company for any special instructions so that your insurance company will pay for your visit to Baylor. Your insurance company can tell you about any co-pays or deductibles for which you will be responsible. Knowing this information beforehand will help keep you from running into problems once you arrive.

If you don't follow your insurance company's instructions, you may have to pay additional money out-of-pocket before you see the doctor. If you find your insurance company does not cover treatment at Baylor, ask what you can do to obtain this coverage and please be sure to write down the name of the person with whom you spoke for future reference.

As a patient, your insurance claims, both primary and secondary, can be filed by Baylor. We will work with you to help you receive full benefit from your insurance and will respond to any requests from insurers for additional medical information.

Each insurer has specific requirements that must be met prior to consultation and treatment. Re-authorizations may be required throughout treatment.

In addition to your insurance provider, your referral specialist can answer questions about insurance verification and/or prepayment requirements.