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Career Pathways

The Center for Educational Outreach offers educational programs leading towards careers in medicine and the health sciences, beginning at the middle and high school levels through undergraduate degrees and, depending upon academic requirements, entry into medical school.

Online Resources

Online Resources

BioEd OnlineSM and SuperSTAARSM are dynamic online educational resource that provide science teachers with online courses, streaming video presentations, teaching slide sets, inquiry-based classroom activities and complete teaching resources. (PreK, Grades K–5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9–12)

CEO Curriculum Materials

Curriculum Materials

BioEd teacher resources and materials from the Center for Educational Outreach at Baylor College of Medicine offer an integrated, hands-on approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each inquiry-based unit is aligned with national and state science education standards.

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Teacher Professional Development

The center’s professional development workshops provide learning experiences, where educators earn CEUs through face-to-face workshops or online courses. Workshops and topic series can be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of individual schools or school districts.