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Student Profile: Bethany Taylor

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Bethany Taylor

My name is Bethany Taylor. I came to BCM after graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Xavier University, presenting at the American Chemical Society National Meeting.

I joined Dr. Nicolas L. Young’s laboratory in March 2020 where I use mass spectrometry methods for proteomic and epigenetic analyses, developing and applying creative methods to her thesis work. As the laboratory is at the forefront of mass spectrometry methods, their expertise is used for collaborations with top researchers to develop a quantitative understanding of post-translational modification biology and epigenetics.

I am most interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms of post-translational modifications that occur in the brain, in the context of neurodegeneration and aging. I welcome the challenges that come with developing the methodological processes and eventual analysis of large datasets to answer interesting biological questions.

I also commit time outside the laboratory serving as Chemical, Physical & Structural Biology representative to the Graduate School Council and vice president of the Association of Graduate Student Diversity, where I am leading student initiatives for inclusion of those with disabilities. I hope to bring the skills I learn through my graduate training at BCM to a career as a tenure-track research scientist and professor.

While I pursue this goal, I enjoy spending time out of the lab outdoors and hosting painting, dinner, and board game nights. I interestingly spent time in college playing ultimate Frisbee, qualifying for the regional competition. Unfortunately, however, I have not yet taught my cat how to catch a frisbee.