Academic Success Workshops

The Academic Success Workshop series provides insight and guidance in the areas of study skills, time management and test taking. Sessions are hosted on a rolling basis and will be open to all students. Schools and programs may also request targeted sessions. Workshops are provided on:

Making the Most of Your Personal Learning Style
This interactive workshop discusses seven different learning styles and offers specific advice on study strategies that uniquely work well for each different learning style. Students also have the opportunity to share and discuss any unique and/or innovative tactics that they’ve found to be particularly beneficial.

Test Taker ‘Types’ & Strategies for Success
This lecture based workshop explains six different “Test Taker Personalities” ranging from test takers who spend too much time on specific exam questions and struggle managing time in their exams, to the students who sometimes rush through exams and overlook the details. This presentation also goes a step further in offering practical tips for minimizing the limitations of each “personality” type when taking exams.

Developing an Effective and Efficient Study Schedule
This highly interactive workshop defines the concept of time management, before delving into a brief exercise to assist with prioritization and a more drawn out exercise that will assist students in developing an efficient, effective and balanced weekly schedule.

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"The Academic Success Workshops I participated in on study and learning strategies helped me develop good habits during my first year." - Mariana Murillo, M.D. Student