Department of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Residency Curriculum


Clinical Curriculum


The curriculum is designed to provide new clinical and intellectual challenges with each successive year, in a sequence of graded responsibility which guarantees mastery of emergency medicine upon graduation.


PGY-1: Foundations of Practice
Over the course of intern year, our educational emphasis begins with functioning capably in the ED, and evolves incrementally to developing cognitive heuristics for common ED complaints, achievement of procedural competence, and finally proficiency with multitasking and managing a high patient census.

PGY-2: Critical Care Expertise
The focus of the second year is on applying knowledge and broadening procedural skill to comfortably and expertly manage the highest acuity patients as their primary provider, while simultaneously functioning as a resource for interns as they begin to see more complex cases.

PGY-3: Clinical Leadership
During their final year, our PGY-3s supervise junior and rotating residents, with the expectation that they see every patient in their clinical area, and are attentive to wait times and throughput. A predetermined percentage of shifts are also spent working directly with an attending so as to refine their individual clinical decision making and efficiency in preparation for independent practice.