About Us

The Colorectal Cancer Program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, offers compassionate, patient-centered care and the latest techniques for the treatment of colon and rectal cancers. Our multidisciplinary approach aims to provide you the best chance for cure and maximizing quality of life, avoiding a permanent ostomy whenever possible.

Why Choose Us?

When you come to the Colorectal Cancer Program at Baylor College of Medicine, you will be cared for by a highly specialized, multidisciplinary team. Our surgeons work closely with expert gastroenterologists and medical and radiation oncologists from the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center to provide the most advanced treatments and, when applicable, the latest clinical trials. We understand that many of our patients travel great distances to receive top-notch treatment that may involve specialists in multiple disciplines, so we work to ensure that our collaborative environment provides you with a streamlined experience.

We offer minimally invasive, laparoscopic, robotic and transanal surgical procedures for benign and malignant pathology of the colon, rectum, and anus. Our team also has extensive experience in sphincter-saving procedures for low rectal cancer. Section Chief Dr. Atif Iqbal is one of just a handful of surgeons in the country to perform a specialized procedure called Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision to help patients avoid a permanent colostomy. We also are a part of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) program and offer laparoscopic pouch procedures for ulcerative colitis and minimally invasive surgery for Crohn’s disease. As a true comprehensive care center, we work closely with the Pelvic Floor Care Program at Baylor College of Medicine.

When it comes to colorectal cancer, there is no time to spare, and for that reason, our patients can be seen within a week of making an appointment. Below you will find a comprehensive list of our services and procedures.

Services and Procedures

Screening Services

  • Colorectal Screening
  • Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT or IFOBT)
  • DNA Stool Tests
  • Fecal Occult Blood Tests (FOBT)
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Rigid proctoscopy and endorectal ultrasound

Surgical Services

  • Robotic Surgery
  • Advanced laparoscopy
  • Pelvic Surgery
  • Surgical treatment of rectal cancer, including transanal endoscopic microsurgery
  • Other colorectal surgeries

Specific Procedures Performed

  • Robotic, sphincter-saving procedures for low rectal cancer including robotic Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision and recurrent rectal cancer surgery
  • Laparoscopic and robotic colectomy for colon cancer, including recurrent cancer
  • Laparoscopic pouch procedures for ulcerative colitis
  • Surgical procedures for complicated Crohn’s disease
  • Procedures for pelvic floor disorders (robotic rectal prolapse repair, outpatient rectocele repair)
  • Surgery for presacral lesions
  • Outpatient procedures for fecal incontinence (Interstim device implantation) 
  • Procedures for anorectal pathology such as anal fissure, fistula (including complex & recurrent fistulas), hemorrhoids, pilonidal disease, condyloma, HPV-induced anal pre-cancer, and anal cancer
  • Procedures for rectovaginal, anovaginal, and rectoprostatic fistulas
  • Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (taTME)