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Infusion Center

About Us

Conveniently located in Baylor Clinic, Suite 1350, the Infusion Center offers patients an easy, attractive alternative to a hospital setting for receiving their infusion therapy, simplifying and expediting the process while providing the highest-quality care and treatment.

We provide patients and their families comprehensive infusion services in a comfortable, private setting, delivered by a friendly, caring staff.


Infusion services, provided by our specially trained oncology nurses, experts in managing all types of infusion, include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Biological immune modulators
  • Hematologic growth factors
  • Injectable hormonal therapy
  • Injectable anticoagulants

IV Services

  • IV antibiotics
  • IV antifungals
  • IV antivirals
  • IV bisphosphonates
  • IV steroids
  • IV immunoglobulin

Arranging a Patient Visit - The Referral Process

Therapy orders for the above infusion services are faxed to us at (713) 798-7487 by the patient's physician, along with the patient's demographic and insurance information. Insurance verification and verification of specific infusion coverage will automatically be performed by our staff. Once approved, our staff will notify the referring physician and contact the patient to set up the appointment. If you have questions about the referral procedure, you may contact our staff directly by calling (713) 798-1962.