Expedited Diagnostic Screening

Our breast imaging specialists offer same-day testing following abnormal mammography interpretation.

While other centers may have the patient come in for additional testing on multiple days, our breast imaging experts expedite the breast cancer diagnostic process. Our patients can schedule additional follow-up tests, such as ultrasound and biopsy, on the same day—reducing the wait for biopsy results from weeks to a mere few days. In addition to convenience, this more efficient program helps cut down on what can be an emotional and anxiety-filled time for patients navigating through the diagnostic process. Baylor patients are called with biopsy results within two to three days. Our facility has been recognized as an American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence since 2008.

We offer the same-day breast imaging service every weekday. For women who choose not to have the same-day service, we offer "screen and go" early morning appointments and evening appointments. You will be contacted with results within one business day.

Risk Assessments

While all women are at increasing risk of developing breast cancer with advancing age, some women are at significantly increased risk. This increased risk may result from a personal history of benign breast disease such as atypical hyperplasia, multiple breast biopsies, prolonged hormone replacement therapy or from a family history of breast and ovarian cancer. Identification of these women empowers them and their physicians to develop a personalized risk reduction strategy.

Women who are concerned about their personal risk of developing breast cancer may be counseled by a medical oncologist and a genetics counselor. This consultation will include a formal breast cancer risk assessment, construction of a family tree for assessment of the risk of an inherited susceptibility to breast cancer, recommendations regarding breast cancer screening, discussion of the risks and benefits of tamoxifen as a preventive therapy and other ways to manage risk.