Hand Surgery Fellowship


Director, Hand Surgery Fellowship Program

David Terence Jonathan Netscher, M.B.B.Ch.

Clinical Professor

Faculty: Hand Surgery Fellowship

James B Bennett

Clinical Professor

Idris Seddik Gharbaoui, M.D.

Clin Asc Prof

Thomas R. Hunt III, M.D., D.Sc.

Professor and Chairman


  • (713) 986-6016

Hand, wrist, forearm & elbow disorders; Hand and wrist injuries in athletes & performing artists…

Philip C Noble, Ph.D.


Jose Miguel Nolla, M.D., B.S.

Clin Asst Prof

Lee M. Reichel, M.D.

Assistant Professor


  • (713) 873-2000

James B. Stafford, M.D.

Associate Professor


  • (713) 986-6016

Arthritis of the Upper Extremity; Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery of the Upper Extremity; Elbow and Wrist Arthroscopy; Hand, Wrist and Elbow…