Department of Anesthesiology

A Day in the Life: Ben Taub OR


Item Term
Patrick Roberts II, M.D., CA-3

Item Definition

“It is 5 a.m.. There is a high of….”I roll over and dismiss the alarm then make my way to the kitchen. I tell google to play my liked songs playlist from Spotify then began to make my daily breakfast tacos and strawberry-banana smoothie. After eating, I get ready for work, and head out by 5:45 a.m. for my daily 12-minute trek to Ben Taub.

I head straight to the locker room and change into my scrubs then make my way to my assigned room for the day. I make sure to double check on Epic that my room assignment has not changed then proceed to go through my normal room set-up beginning with a machine check. While the machine check is cycling, I began to set up my monitors, and gather all of my appropriate airway equipment that I will need. Once that is finished, I begin to draw up all of the medications that I will need for the case (depending which floor you’re on, you may have to take a stroll over to the OR pharmacy).

After I am certain the room setup is complete, I make my way over to pre-op with my IV supplies to pre-op and consent my first patient then place my IV for the case. At this point, it is likely about 7 a.m., so I will call my attending for the day and confirm our anesthetic plan. Once everything is confirmed and the patient is ready, the OR nurse and myself will transport the patient to the OR. We connect all the necessary monitors then proceed to perform the customary timeout when all parties are present. This is immediately followed by induction and intubation. Once the airway is secured, I head to the lounge for my morning break where some of my co-residents are also hanging out. Afterwards, I head back to the room to finish up my case. As long as the case is moving along, I prepare whatever I can for the next case to follow.

The day continues to move along. Between 11 a.m. and noon, I take my lunch break then head down to the Ben Taub Bistro to grab lunch. After lunch, I head back to the OR to finish up my case. Time rolls along until about 3 p.m. which is when the call team arrives. Depending on whether it is a lecture day or if you are post-call, you will be relieved from OR duties. Once I’m dismissed from my OR duties, I go to check on my case assignment for tomorrow. While on BT OR, the cases you are assigned to can be from any surgical service including: cardiothoracic, gynecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, plastics, ENT, or general surgery. It is lecture day and if I have enough time, I will preop before leaving BT then head home to login to zoom for lecture at 4 p.m. After lecture, I’ll finish up any pre-oping that I need to then call my attending for tomorrow to discuss the patient, case, and anesthetic plan.

My workday typically ends around 6 p.m. or so. At this point, my stomach is likely rumbling, so I’ll eat dinner or a light snack prior to dinner depending on my evening plans. I aim to be back in the house by 9 p.m. if I decide to go anywhere, so I can shower and get ready for bed. After everything is done, I get into bed, check my alarm then likely watch some last-minute YouTube videos or Netflix - poor sleep hygiene. I know - until I feel tired then I go to bed.

“It is 5 a.m.. There is a high of….” Then my day begins all over again.