Behavioral Health

Deep space explorers must endure isolation, confined spaces and extreme environments. TRISH researchers are tackling novel ways to address adverse cognitive and behavioral health conditions for deep space exploration.

Cellular and Molecular

TRISH researchers are exploring innovations in personalized healthcare. Through genetic and cellular approaches, we can anticipate risks, pinpoint medical treatments and custom-fit risk prevention strategies for future astronauts.

credit: NASA
Environment, Food and Medication

Space: a hostile environment for humans, as well as the food and medications needed to sustain their health. TRISH investigates ways to preserve medications, advance human performance through nutrition, and more.

credit: Web Vision Technologies, LLC
Medical Technology

TRISH researchers are building and adapting medical devices that are ready to perform in space. Some of these solutions can advance healthcare here on Earth, in places where medical care is limited.

credit: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Outside of Earth's protective atmosphere, astronauts will be exposed to radiation that may negatively affect a deep space exploration mission.