Upcoming TRISH Solicitations

• The next industry program will start in fall/winter 2019.
• The BRASH 2101 solicitation will be announced in fall 2020.

TRISH Faculty/Scientist Exchange: Space Health Swap

TRISH's Faculty/Scientist Exchange, or Space Health Swap, stimulates new collaborations, ideas and approaches for space biomedical research. This is an opportunity for external scientists, researchers, engineers, and physicians to spend time at a NASA center; and NASA civil servants to spend time at an external laboratory, company or university.

Swap into NASA: External Researchers visiting NASA Centers

• Eligible Host NASA Centers: Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA; Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH; Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX; Kennedy Research Center, Merritt Island, FL; Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

• Program Duration: 2-4 weeks physically spent at the NASA center during Summer 2020.

• Award: Eligible travel costs associated with the 2-4 week stay may be covered by TRISH.

Swap out of NASA: NASA Civil Servants visiting Outside Institutions

• Eligible Host Institutions: Any external laboratory, company or university with space-relevant research opportunities; preference will be given to applicants "swapping" close to their home NASA center.

• Program Duration: 2-4 weeks physically spent at the external institution during Summer 2020.

• Award: Eligible travel costs associated with the 2-4 week stay may be covered by NASA.

Interested proposers may submit questions to SpaceHealth-Info@bcm.edu.

Learn more and apply at spacehealth.bcm.edu.

Human-Based Models to Study Effects of Space Radiation and Countermeasures

TRISH's radiation solicitations is now open via NSPIRES. Learn more about the solicitation from the first pre-solicitation webinar, second pre-solicitation webinarpresentation and frequently-asked questions document.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Institute's 2020 postdoctoral fellowship solicitation is open. View the solicitation on NSPIRES. Read the news release. Proposals are due Jan. 22, 2020.

BRASH 1901 Solicitation

The BRASH 1901 solicitation is closed. See the selection announcement.

Focused Investigation Project Proposals

Focused Investigation Project (FIP) grants are unsolicited proposals that may be submitted at any time. This funding vehicle is best suited for pilot or proof-of-principle projects with a small amount of funding and a short duration.

Schedule: Unsolicited or directed. Submit any time.
Annual Funding Amount: Generally <$100k but can be more
Duration: 6-18 months
Review: Programmatic relevance and external scientific peer reviews. Reviewed as received.

TRISH Cost Sharing Requirements 
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