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The Translational Research Institute funds projects that develop innovative approaches and technologies to address the health and performance challenges that astronauts face during long-duration, deep space exploration missions. See the documents below for recent funding opportunities.

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Focused Investigation Program

The Translational Research Institute seeks innovative, unconventional, cross-cutting work that enables and enhances human exploration of space beyond low-Earth orbit. TRI is open to methods that are out of the box, challenge assumptions, and could lead to extraordinary outcomes. TRI does not fund incremental advances to existing approaches or methods.

In addition to multiple funding announcements each year seeking solutions to specified topic areas, TRI also welcomes the submission of unsolicited proposals to its Focused Investigation Program (FIP). The FIP is best suited for pilot or proof-of-principle projects with a small amount of funding (<$100K) and a short duration (approximately one year). FIP proposals are subject to programmatic relevance and scientific peer review.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta regarding the requirements. Please provide a brief summary of your research plan which will be assessed based on TRI’s current target areas.