Educating the Next Generation of Scientists

We recognize that to solve the salient needs necessary to send humans farther into space than man has ever traveled requires ensuring the next generation of scientists be trained - and inspired. At TRISH, we meet this need by offering career development opportunities at various career levels.

TRISH's The Red Risk School was established to serve as a mechanism to inform would-be investigators about NASA's top risk categories and how their research might be adapted for use in space. In January 2018, TRISH formally stood up the Academy of Bioastronautics led by Apollo Program Professor Emeritus of Astronautics Dr. Laurence Young. The academy focuses on providing mentorship and guidance to TRISH's postdoctoral fellows. We are also proud to present topic-specific webinars of cutting edge human health technologies by experts in their fields through the Tech Exploration in Space Health series.

Best of all, all of these are open to everyone virtually.

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