The Translational Research Institute for Space Health credit: NASA

The Translational Research Institute for Space Health

Funded by NASA through a cooperative agreement, the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) funds new human health technologies to predict, protect and preserve astronaut physical and mental wellness during deep space exploration missions. We fund high-risk, high-reward, human health and performance solutions that can be adapted for use in space. Focused on early stage (for example, proof of concept) and late stage (for example, ready to go to market) research, TRISH stands apart from other funding organizations due to our high-risk tolerance and ability to connect researchers with NASA scientists and space analogs.

TRISH has a single overarching mission: Lead a national effort in translating cutting-edge emerging terrestrial research into applied space flight human risk mitigation strategies for exploration missions. Simply put, we seek and fund emerging scientific and biomedical advances, radically disruptive technologies, and new medical engineering capabilities.

Led by Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Space Medicine, TRISH is a consortium with the California Institute for Technology and the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. The power of the institute lies in the strength and synergy of the consortium. TRISH maintains a small physical footprint in the Texas Medical Center's Innovation Institute in Houston, TX but operates largely as a virtual institute. The physical location of Baylor - close to NASA's Johnson Space Center - is in an emerging hotbed of innovation with the world famous Texas Medical Center. Likewise, Caltech and MIT are located in or near established leaders of innovation on the west and east coasts, respectively, that can be readily accessed and highly leveraged. All three consortium institutions have substantial scientific and technical capabilities central to the institute's mission and objectives.

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Funding Programs

TRISH recognizes that it's not always one size fits all. Check out our multiple funding mechanisms, many of which offer flexible funding amounts and durations.

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TRISH offers multiple free services to educate, engage, and inspire. Whether you are already funded by TRISH, or just want to learn more about human health in space, check out our Career Development page to learn more.