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The Center for Space Medicine offers a unique Space Medicine Track within Baylor College of Medicine.

The Center for Space Medicine offers a unique Space Medicine Track within Baylor College of Medicine, the first of its kind in the world. The track offers elective courses and research opportunities throughout all four years of undergraduate medical education.

CSM's elective courses are taught by both Baylor faculty and experts from other institutions across the country, and they receive rave reviews from students. Very popular with Baylor students, approximately 40 percent of first-year medical students at the College enrolled in CSM's elective course "Introduction to Human Space Exploration and Medicine" in Spring 2013.

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"The space medicine course was unique. The quality of the speakers and their experiences and stories made it an 'only at Baylor' type of experience. Without a doubt, it was the most enjoyable elective of the year." - MS-1 student

Taking a class at the Center for Space Medicine means more than fulfilling a course requirement. You will become a part of a world-class academic program at the frontier of medicine and space, enabling human space flight and improving health care from urban hospitals to the most extreme environments on Earth.

At CSM, students, scientists, engineers and physicians to collaborate and contribute to important new discoveries in biomedical science and apply technologies for space to improve medical care on Earth. The program has a distinguished faculty, including scientific leaders, former astronauts and flight surgeons, that all have years of experience and knowledge in their respective fields. Students not only learn from this diverse group of experts, but also work closely with them on projects at the cutting edge of medical research.

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