BCM Resource Stewardship and Sustainability Program (320x240)
BCM Resource Stewardship and Sustainability Program

Baylor College of Medicine's Resource Stewardship and Sustainability Program celebrated its eighth anniversary in July. Even as the program has matured, the focus on sustainable practices over the past year has produced significant gains on every front.

We attribute these recycled material gains and energy savings to the College community’s conservation awareness and to the volunteers who help our program run smoothly.

During 2015, the Resource Stewardship and Sustainability Program together with the Baylor community, recycled and conserved more resources than ever before. On average each person at Baylor recycles about eight pounds per week, which helped Baylor in the 2015 RecycleMania competition where it was ranked as the top medical school in the country.

  • Conserved 32,691,588 gallons of water, enough to fill 52 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • Recycled 78 tons of metal, or enough to make 73 full sized cars.
  • Recycled 15.4 tons of plastic, or enough to fill two front loading garbage trucks full of plastic.
  • Recycled enough paper and cardboard to save 6,000 trees.
  • Conserved enough electricity to power 104 homes in Texas for an entire month.


Volunteers are the key to Baylor's Resource Stewardship and Sustainability Program’s success. The recycling and sustainability program would not exist without their help. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Gabi De la Rosa at (713) 798-1051 or grrosa@bcm.edu.

Baylor College of Medicine's commitment to recycling and sustainability continues to gain momentum. Students, trainees, faculty and staff alike are joining forces and incorporating a range of conservation practices to help create a more sustainable environment. Check out some ways to reduce your environmental footprint.


Our partners throughout the Texas Medical Center continue to support our recycling effort with increased communications and collections. Baylor College of Medicine also collects paper products from Ben Taub Hospital, Baylor Clinic, USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center, Baylor Faculty Center, Feigin Center, McGovern Campus, McNair Campus, Texas Woman's University, and the Travis Building/Hilton Hotel.