Customized Programs Prevent, Treat Athletic Injuries

Baylor Sports Medicine is unique in its multidisciplinary team approach and integration of evidence-based medicine to prevent and treat athletic injuries. Our physicians and athletic trainers jointly integrate the latest research discoveries with clinical experience to make the best treatment decisions resulting in rapid and effective return to activity and sport.

Our program is not only dedicated to providing the best medical care for athletes, but it also strives to enhance understanding of health and well-being. Working with Baylor Sports Medicine, you have access to tailored educational and research opportunities to match your needs. Our customized programs can be organized for coaches, athletes, parents, referees, schools and teams. We are dedicated to not only providing top care but to furthering and enhancing injury prevention, performance and recovery.

Meet Our Team (372x158)

Meet Our Team

Our healthcare professionals are leaders in their fields. Baylor’s multidisciplinary team has experience providing care at the high school, collegiate and professional level across our local Houston community and the nation.

Patient Information (372x158)

For Sports Medicine Patients

Sports medicine patient forms and information as well as general patient forms and information including insurance, pay online, billing, hotel/motel guide, customer service, privacy practices (HIPAA) and more.

Young boy pitcher in red uniform

Pitch count matters: know your limits

Throwing pitches year-round at an early age could cause pitchers to be the ones striking out in the long run.

Experts outline importance of recognizing, treating meniscal root tears (372x158)

Experts outline importance of recognizing, treating meniscal root tears

Recognizing and treating tears in the menisci, cartilage discs between the joint surfaces in the knee, is key to preventing knee injury.

McNair Campus for spiff

Plans for McNair Campus

Tower 1 Update: An ambulatory surgical suite (orthopedics, plastics, urology and ENT procedures) will be commissioned in March. The first stage of surgical specialty inpatient beds to be completed by September.