Resident Meetings

Because resident input is critical to the continued improvement and excellence of our program, there
are many opportunities for trainees to provide feedback. Peer-selected residents from each class serve
on the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC), our primary committee for oversight of the policies and
procedures of the residency. In addition, there is a monthly resident business meeting chaired by the
departmental chief resident(s), who then represent the classes in regularly, weekly meetings with
program director staff. Finally, our annual spring residency retreat is designed to increase the
communication between residents and to provide additional formal program feedback.

Social Activities

There are numerous planned social activities throughout the year to promote class/residency cohesion
and allow residents to relax and recharge. In July, the program director hosts a welcome gathering for
residents and their family members in his home. Each fall, there is a welcome retreat to help the new
residents join the program. In early December, a get together at Dr. Shorter’s home allows for
celebration of the holidays and the half-way mark of the academic year. At the conclusion of the
academic year, the residency graduation celebration occurs in June. At the beginning of the year, Drs.
Shorter and Czelusta also meet for breakfast with each new resident to allow for informal feedback and
relationship development.

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Psychiatry residents participate annually in the Mental Illness Awareness Week activities. After a preparatory series of meetings, residents provide lectures at area middle and high schools covering topics such as, what is mental illness?.

These efforts have generated public response resulting in our residents receiving the Award for Outstanding Institutional Service of the Volunteers in Public Schools - a 20,000 member Houston volunteer organization. Furthermore, scholarly reports of these activities have been published by residents in Academic Psychiatry, American Journal of Psychiatry, and Hospital and Community Psychiatry.

Community Outreach

This community outreach spirit among residents has become formalized into a resident-coordinated subcommittee of the RPC called PROPS or (Psychiatry Residents Outreach to the Public Sector). Through this committee, residents have lobbied legislators in Austin, Texas; have met with Houston clergy to build bridges between the medical and religious communities in Houston; have expanded their comfort interacting with media personnel via a media training workshop; and have expanded their efforts to teach Houston students via a program with the Houston Bar Association called IDEA (Interdisciplinary Drug Education and Awareness).

Organization Positions

General psychiatry residents at Baylor hold numerous national fellowship positions awarded by the American Psychiatric Association, the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, and the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training. The department actively supports the development of our talented residents, which enables them to have national exposure and recognition of their efforts and abilities.