Department of Medicine

Texas Children's Hospital


Exposures at Texas Children's Locations


If exposed, at Texas Children's, including Main Campus, West Campus or The Woodlands, immediately wash the area. For eye or mucus membrane exposures, use waters. For others, use a soap to wash wound.

Contact charge nurse on the unit to arrange for source testing including completing the online lab requisition.

Contact Texas Children's Employee Health (832) 824-2150, option 1 or on-call person at (832) 824-2099.

Report event through Texas Children's computer homepage using the RL6 event reporting link (SafetyScoop).

Contact Baylor OHP regarding need for prophylaxis (PEP) and follow up. Our 24-hour number is (713) 798-7880. For these types of calls (involving new blood-borne pathogen exposures), the answering service should page the on-call. You can hold to be connected or we will call you back. If PEP is not an issue, you can contact us the next business day.