Department of Medicine

Vice Chair for Faculty and Staff Development


Message from the Vice Chair

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Vice Chair for Faculty and Staff Development, Joslyn Fisher, M.D., M.P.H.

The Vice Chair Group for Faculty and Staff Development is charged with promoting faculty and staff development as it relates to mentoring, leadership, team building, professionalism, diversity, preventing burn-out and training in scholarly skills. The Group seeks to develop the outstanding talent and skills in the entire family of the Department of Medicine, including faculty—from instructor to professor—and staff from the clinical, research, education and administrative areas of the Department of Medicine. The Group will develop new resources and leverage existing resources in the department and at the College.

The initial priorities of the Group are:

  • Promotion: Assist all Department of Medicine personnel in understanding both the pathways for promotion and how to seize opportunities for professional development
  • Mentoring: Assist all Department of Medicine personnel in identifying mentors and provide training about being a better mentor and being a better mentee
  • Culture: Promote a culture of professional excellence that fosters and rewards Department of Medicine personnel who perform excellent work at the section, pavilion, and department level