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Misophonia Related Studies: Storch Lab


A Stakeholder-Informed, Large-Scale Study of the Impact of Misophonia on Children and Families

This study aims to understand the impact of misophonia on children ages 5-20 and families. Eligible participants will complete a 90-minute visit with an interview and online questionnaires. They will then be sent monthly 5-10 minute surveys to fill out for six months. Participants are asked to complete a 30-to-60-minute online questionnaire again 6 months after the start of the study.

For more information, contact Catherine Rast, complete this interest survey or view the clinical trial.

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Examining Mechanisms of Strong Emotional Reactions to Everyday Sounds


This study aims to understand how the brain uses information, and possible stress response, to react to everyday sounds.

This study is looking for adults, age 18-64 who are healthy and have no history of psychiatric disorders, as well as adults age 18-64 who get suddenly irritable, angry, disgusted or have other negative emotions when hearing family members, friends, or people you work with typing, eating, breaking, or making other everyday sounds.

For more information, contact Catherine Rast, or view the clinical trial.