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Parent-led Treatment Study for Youth with Anxiety and/or OCD (SPACE)

Are you the parent of a child aged 7-17 with anxiety or OCD symptoms? Baylor College of Medicine is conducting a research study that provides a free, scientifically-backed, parent-based treatment program for anxiety and OCD in children and adolescents. This program is delivered over videoconferencing to your home. Participants will receive a free, 12-week course of parent-based therapy and a total of three assessments.

Contact, call (832) 206-4034, or visit the study's clinical trials page for more information.

LATINO (The Latin American Trans-Ancestry Initiative for OCD genomics)

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with the University of North Carolina and various collaborators across North and South America are conducting an international study looking at obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in individuals of Latin American, Hispanic, and Brazilian decent ages 7-89. OCD is a complex disorder involving intrusive thoughts which leads to unwanted, repetitive behaviors that can cause distress for the person experiencing the symptoms. The Latin American Trans-Ancestry Initiative for OCD genomics (LATINO) aims to better understand OCD in Latino, Hispanic, and Brazilian people as well as to increase the diversity of OCD genetic databases. The increased knowledge will further advance our ability to detect, diagnose, and treat individuals of Latino ancestry.

Eligible participants will complete a set of questionnaires, participate in a session to assess OCD symptoms, and provide a spit (saliva) sample to gather genetic information. Participants will be provided with a saliva collection kit (with instructions). If you are interested, would like more information, or would like to see if you are eligible for the study, contact