The Department of Orthopedic Surgery offers general orthopedic physicians with the expertise to treat all areas of your musculoskeletal system, including the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles.

Patients come to us for help with:

  • Diagnosing an orthopedic condition or disorder
  • Identifying and treating an injury
  • Providing rehabilitation to an affected area or function
  • Establishing prevention protocol to inhibit further damage to a diseased area or component of the musculoskeletal system

We offer the leading-edge orthopedic care you'd expect from one of the nation's top medical schools with a personalized approach to treating you and your specific injury or disorder that enables us to more quickly ease your pain, restore function, and return you to your normal activities.

For chronic or non-acute, non-specific bone or joint pain, begin your treatment with our general orthopedic physicians who can diagnosis, treat and refer or collaborate with specialists as needed. Our general orthopedic physicians collaborate with orthopedic specialists as well as other medical specialties - including internal medicine, pain management, neurology, plastic surgery, and rheumatology - to deliver the highest-quality, comprehensive orthopedic care available.