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About Us

The Department of Neurosurgery, the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the entire nervous system, provides the highest-quality neurosurgical care for patients who have an illness or injury that affects the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, or peripheral nerves throughout all parts of the body (hands, legs, arms, face).

We provide services for all aspects of neurosurgical disorders and diseases, including advanced specialized care. Our specialty trained and experienced physicians are internationally recognized in the field of neurosurgery, including appearing in "Best Doctors" and "Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare" listings.

Patients are typically referred to Neurosurgery for evaluation of symptoms that include headache, hearing loss, vision problems, seizures, stroke, back pain, facial pain, cognitive impairment and movement disorders. Our neurosurgeons provide valuable information to help the patient and their family decide on a course of treatment.

We offer all patients compassionate, patient-centric care, easily available appointments and timely follow-up.