Dolores J. Lamb, Ph.D., professor, specializes in the genetic causes of male reproductive failure, steroid regulation of male reproductive tumors, androgen receptor structure and function.  Dr. Lamb is also director of the Laboratory for Male Reproductive Research and Testing and Special Procedures Laboratory.  She is also the Lester and Sue Smith Chair in Basic Urologic Research.

Keith Chan, Ph.D., assistant professor, specializes in bladder cancer, cancer stem cells, cancer invasion and metastasis, and Stat 3 signaling.  Studies are being undertaken to identify genes that drive the invasion and malignant progression of bladder cancer, to identify the cell intrinsic property that endows the self-renewal of cancer stem cells, and to examine signals from the tumor microenvironment/niche that modulate cancer stem cell’s self-renewal and differentiation.

Carolina J. Jorgez, Ph.D., assistant professor, has expertise in the study of the genetics of male infertility and the causes of congenital and acquired pediatric urologic diseases. These diseases range from common defects such as cryptorchidism and hypospadias, to rare ones such as bladder exstrophy.