Department of Urology

Medical Student Electives




Medical student preceptorships are an integral part of our teaching activities. Medical students rotate on the urology service of our public and private hospitals and in preceptorship electives in our clinic offices. Core surgery students who select urology as one of their surgical subspecialties receive a broad exposure to general urologic practice.

Clerkships are available only to enrolled students at Baylor College of Medicine. However, we offer a one-month clinical elective for visiting students (Sub-I) which is available to fourth-year medical students enrolled and in good standing at any U.S. medical school.

To apply for the student elective rotation (for Baylor medical students), contact the Baylor College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs.


Visiting Medical Students


Students who are interested in participating as a visiting sub-I should submit applications through the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). Please review Baylor College of Medicine's Institution Overview on VSAS for important information. Applicants are encouraged to include as much detail as possible regarding their educational achievements (e.g., USMLE scores, CV, clerkship grades, personal statement, etc.). Please note that our sub-internship is classified under the MEURL-501 elective in VSAS. We also offer a four week research elective, it is classified under MEURL-401.

  • All students (BCM and visiting) MUST follow the BCM rotation calendar. Students should only apply to blocks for which they know that they will be able to attend the full rotation according to the BCM’s Academic Calendar. No exceptions.
  • Visiting medical students should not contact the department/elective coordinator regarding VSAS applications or clinical electives. All inquiries should be directed toward the Office of the Registrar.
  • All visiting medical students are required to attend Visiting Student Orientation on the first day of the clinical elective rotation. No exceptions. This orientation begins promptly at 9 a.m.