Twenty-second test could identify frailty in hospitalized older adults
Experts at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Arizona recently developed a 20-second upper-extremity function test to help identify frailty in this group of adults and found that the test can be used in the trauma setting to predict adverse outcomes in older adults after discharge.

Smart insole system helped reduce reulceration risk
Patients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy who used a smart watch and specially designed smart insoles equipped with an alert system minimized their reulceration risk, results from a proof-of-concept study demonstrated.

Simple arm test accurately identifies markers of frailty in older adults facing surgery
A simple frailty test proves reliable for assessing biomarkers of physiological vulnerability and for helping surgeons gauge elderly patients' risk of postoperative complications and disability

Beyond FitBits: Baylor’s iCAMP exploring the future of wearable tech, health
Apps and wearable technology can track how far you walk, what you eat and how much you sleep, but researchers at Baylor College of Medicine are creating and refining wearables that could detect and even prevent injuries.

iCAMP Hits the Ground Running
The group has already made remarkable strides, being awarded almost $1.5 Million in federal funding as of March 2016.

Momentum Blog: Diabetes, your feet, and you
Living with diabetes is more than insulin shots and watching your diet. It also includes caring for your feet.

Dr. Joseph Mills to Join Baylor College of Medicine as Chief of Vascular Surgery
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Joseph L. Mills, Sr. will join the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine.

A New World of Healthy Design–That You Wear
Wearable technologies have the power to make communicating with health care providers seamless and easy—opening up a new frontier for data tracking and treatment.

In the moment: Diabetes
Fighting falls with feedback: Virtual reality training improves balance