Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PGY-2 Residents


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Destiny Anamege, M.D.

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Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Internship: Baylor College of Medicine
Hobbies/Personal Interests: I love to watch and play various sports, attend plays, musicals, concerts, and travel to new places with my mom.
PM&R Interest: Sports, pediatrics
Why Baylor? Great program with great people in a great city!


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Ashlyn Victoria Brown, M.D., M.B.A., M.S.

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Hometown: Austin, TX
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean
Internship: SUNY Upstate
Hobbies/Personal Interests: Health, fitness, nutrition, shopping, makeup, investing and venture capitalism, experiencing new adventures, and playing with my yorkipoo, Ziggy!
PM&R Interest: Pain Management
Why Baylor? It's a highly-ranked program in the largest medical center in the world! The variety of pathology and patient experiences that I will be exposed to will only strengthen my medical prowess. Plus, I'm back in my home state so close to my family and friends. It's such a blessing to be a part of this program for so many reasons!


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Jason Patrick Caffrey, M.D., Ph.D.

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Hometown: Yorba Linda, California
Medical School: University of California, San Diego
Internship: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Hobbies/Personal Interests: 3D printing, hobby electronics, cycling, trying new foods
PM&R Interest: Neurorehab, amputee rehab, rehab technologies
Why Baylor? BCM offers a wide breadth of clinical training sites with a highly diverse patient population. Rotating at TIRR, a world-renowned rehab hospital, is a unique opportunity to treat and learn from medically complex patients. We have great support from the program, attendings, and all the residents to prioritize both our learning and well-being.


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Won Jae Jeong, M.D.

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Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Medical School: UT Southwestern
Internship: Baylor College of Medicine
Hobbies/Personal Interests: Tennis, Running, Reading, Accounting, Charlie Munger
PM&R Interest: Sports Medicine
Why Baylor? The most enticing aspect is the opportunity to train at various prestigious institutions in TMC, where I can encounter a vast array of patient cases and glean insights from esteemed mentors. I believe that undergoing training at Baylor will foster my growth as an independent and confident physician.


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Ton La, Jr., M.D., J.D.

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Hometown: Houston
Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine - MD/JD Program
Internship: HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood - Transitional Year
Hobbies/Personal Interests: Writing, Boxing, Taekwondo, piano, puzzles, succulents, Funko pops, Pokémon cards, Samoyeds
PM&R Interest: Inpatient rehab, spinal cord injury, consults, patient advocacy
Why Baylor? I chose BCM because Houston is my forever home, and the support and love from faculty and co-residents are second to none. Most of all, Baylor is where I will be the strongest patient advocate I can be regardless of the patient's timeline after injury.


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Angela Nwankwo, M.D.

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Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Medical School: University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine Combined BA/MD
Internship: Transitional Year at Baylor, Scott, and White Health in Fort Worth, Texas
Hobbies/Personal Interests: Mentorship, Food, Travel, Boutique Fitness Classes, Real Estate, Finance, Sports, Shopping
PM&R Interest: Cancer Pain Management, EMG, Orthobiologics, Sports, any and all types of procedures!
Why Baylor? BCM PM&R is in an amazing city and within the world's largest medical center. The diversity of the faculty, clinical sites, and opportunities the program had to offer stood out to me. It is a top tier place to train with so much to offer, and has been at the forefront of Physiatry at so many levels.


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Jason Parmar, D.O.

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Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Medical School: PCOM- Philadelphia
Internship: Mercy Catholic Medical Center-Philadelphia
Hobbies/Personal Interests: I love weightlifting/working out, traveling, hiking, and cars. I love basketball and I am a Boston Celtics fan!
PM&R Interest: Sports, MSK, Interventional Pain
Why Baylor? Baylor PMR is a robust and top-tier program in the heart of the country's largest medical center. This ensures a strong medical training opportunity with abundant resources at our disposal. As a Baylor resident, I can pursue any career path I want as a PMR physician without an issue. BCM is a close-knit program where all residents in different classes interact with each other and faculty is actively involved. Most of all, Baylor is a place where I am able to ensure a good work-life balance.


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Neha Singh, M.D.

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Hometown: Agra, India
Medical School: Lady Hardinge Medical College, India
Internship: General Surgery (preliminary) at Nassau University Medical Center, NY
Hobbies/Personal Interests: Traveling, Cooking, Hiking, Water sports
PM&R Interest: Interventional spine and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Why Baylor? Baylor provides with a unique opportunity to train amongst the very best physiatrists in the country. Furthermore, the advantage of learning from the faculty at TIRR adds to its charm. Not to forget the vibrant food scene and rich arts & theatre options, which Houston offers all around the year.