Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Admissions


How many residency positions are available?

We recruit to fill eight residency slots per training year.

How many applicants do you interview?

We select 96 applicants for interview.

Do you offer PGY-1 positions? 

No. Ours is a three-year advanced (36 months) program beginning at the PGY-2 level. The applicant is responsible for applying for a transitional or preliminary PGY-1 position. (View the American Board of PM&R requirements.) 

Do you have a minimum number of years since graduation from medical school for applicants? 

There are no minimum (or maximum) years since graduation. We do require either completion or planned completion of at least a PGY-1 year prior to starting training with us.  

When is the recruitment period? 

Our recruitment begins with the opening of ERAS in September each year. All interested applicants must apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service. Completed applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.    

We offer 12 interview sessions per recruitment period between October and January.  The number of candidates invited to interview will not exceed the number of available interview spots.  

What documents should I submit?  

We require the following supporting documents with your application:  

  • Three letters of recommendation  
  • Current CV  
  • Personal statement  
  • Dean’s letter  
  • Medical school transcript  
  • USMLE/COMLEX transcript  

Note: If there is a change of name from that on the above documents, submit a marriage certificate or legal name change documentation.  

View information specific to International Medical Graduates.

Is an interview required? What is the process?

An interview is required. All interviews will be virtual for this recruitment cycle. 

You will interview with three faculty members or residents, and with the program director. Our interviews consist of a semi-structured format with questions that ask you to reflect on your past experiences and describe how you think about your future role as a resident, physiatrist, and member of the healthcare community at large. The questions may ask you to describe your behaviors in past situations, outline your approaches to hypothetical situations that you may encounter as a resident, and provide your perspective on the field of physiatry and the healthcare system.

Our goal is to provide equitable opportunities for candidates to show their thought processes and personalities and to evaluate potential fit for our program in a standardized manner. The interviewers will be evaluating the content of your responses to the structured portions of the interview while maintaining neutral reactions in the interest of maintaining fairness and consistency across candidates. During the interview day, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with our residents and the residency program directors. 

Is there a minimum USMLE/COMLEX score? 

No, we do not have a specific cut-off score. With the transition of USMLE Step 1 to pass/fail, we are not implementing a cut-off score using USMLE Step 2. Your entire application packet including your supporting documents is reviewed and assessed. 

Do you accept DO’s and International Medical Graduates?

Yes, we accept applications from students at osteopathic schools and international medical graduates. Visit the International Medical Graduates page for information.

Will taking a PM&R elective improve my chance of being selected? Are electives available with the Baylor PM&R program?”

We view away electives as an opportunity for applicants to get to know our program and what it offers. Due to the limitations in equitable access to elective rotations, taking an elective in PM&R at our institution will not affect an applicant’s chances of being selected. A letter of recommendation from a BCM faculty member with favorable comments on performance during an away elective will be considered in a balanced fashion with the other supporting documents in your application. For more information regarding away electives, visit the  Baylor College of Medicine Elective Program.

Do I need to apply to the Baylor and UT PM&R programs separately?

Yes. Each program will be accepting applications and selecting residents independently. For more information on the UT PM&R program View more information visit the UT PM&R program website.

When are interview invitations sent to applicants?

Applicants selected for interviews will receive interview invitations by e-mail mid-October.

Can applicants with disabilities apply?

We welcome qualified applicants with disabilities who can perform the essential functions of our training program with or without reasonable accommodations. If you are a trainee who needs accommodations during your interview, please contact Kristen Wilkey at

Whom do I contact with questions?

For more information, contact Kristen Wilkey at