About Us

The Baylor College of Medicine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department provides a top tier residency program based in the heart of the world's largest medical center. Our program has received full accreditation by the ACGME, and continues to look for ways to go beyond to provide our residents the tools necessary to be among the top physiatrists in the country. We achieve this by offering an educational program, didactic schedule, rotation, vacation and call schedule focused on providing our residents with the most encompassing education possible.

To date, our department has a comprehensive team of research and Ph.D. faculty, and clinical M.D.s as teaching faculty. The majority of the 20 rotations include a ratio of one resident for each faculty member; however, at some of the sites there are two faculty members per resident, or two residents per faculty member. The assignment is based primarily on the distribution of the workload. Many of our faculty have published and edited physiatric textbooks, served on the boards of national physiatric associations and helped advance physiatric medicine through their research. See a full listing of faculty members and rotation sites.

Each Post Graduate Year (PGY) class includes approximately 8 residents. This is enough for you to feel like a part of a larger group, but still small enough to stand out as an individual. Our class size allows for residents from a broad variety of backgrounds, enabling close interaction with residents of differing viewpoints, while also allowing residents to find others with complementary strengths and goals to serve as a support network. While embracing this, we also organize our program to maximize individualized attention to ensure the best possible education for each resident.

There are seven hospital sites within the program. This allows for exposure to many different faculty and a wide variety of training environments, including private and public hospital inpatient and outpatient clinic services, as well as private and public hospital consultations. Our program has a strong, nationally recognized group of faculty who are dedicated to teaching residents. Our past residents have obtained top level positions after graduation, including competitive fellowships and faculty appointments in private and public sectors. This serves as an additional resource for our current residents as they pursue the career they envision. While our residents are in training, we are fortunate to be in Houston, which serves as a friendly, affordable and exciting environment in which to live during residency.