Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Critical Care Healthcare


The Division of Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics is among the largest in the United States. The division is made up of three units, located in Texas Children's Hospital.

Baylor College of Medicine faculty provide care after an accident, surgery or special diagnostic procedure in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Patients in the Progressive Care Unit are acutely or chronically ill and frequently are admitted from intensive care. Nurses take the lead in coordinating care for patients who require continuous monitoring and observation, with special emphasis given to respiratory, neurological and surgical disorders.

At Texas Children’s Heart Center, a 21-bed Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit is dedicated to children in need of specialized care for their cardiac condition.

Each year, the Baylor physicians admit approximately 800 children with heart disease to the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. The majority of these patients have undergone heart surgery. Texas Children's also has a very active Heart Failure and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit., and the multidisciplinary CVICU team cares for many children each year who require mechanical cardiac support and undergo heart transplantation.