From our first affiliated hospital to an accelerated wartime medical program, Baylor College of Medicine has supported the military for members both active and retired. Renowned Baylor president and surgeon Dr. Michael E. DeBakey was instrumental in forging the World War II-era relationship that would lead to a robust center of care and research at Houston’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the first VA hospital in the country to partner with a medical school.

Understanding the role of physicians in the military

Dr. Timothy Porea talks about the significance of medicine in military service and reflects on his professional journey.

VA Medical Center: Advancing medical education and patient care

Dr. Daniel Musher explains how the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center offers the right environment for teaching and learning, and for exemplary patient care.

‘Standing down’ to help homeless veterans

Drs. Claudine Johnson and Lechauncy Woodard discuss the Houston Homeless Stand Down and efforts to provide medical services to veterans across the city.

Baylor and the VA Medical Center: Six decades of history and service

Learn how the affiliation between Baylor College of Medicine and the VA Medical Center was created and its impact on patients and the medical community.

Medical school grads begin military service

In addition to receiving their medical degrees, fourth-year medical students Amanda Delgado and Bryant Nieto were commissioned into the Air Force and Navy, respectively, at a ceremony held in the Michael E. DeBakey Library and Museum at Baylor.

Medicine and the military at the College

Learn more about students who participated in Baylor's training program for physicians for the U.S Army and Navy back in the 1940s.