Center faculty are frequently contacted by national media seeking clarification and reaction to provocative stories capturing national public attention.

STAT News - July 10, 2018 
National Academies Panel Urges Researchers to Routinely Share Test Results with Study Participants

GenomeWeb - June 7, 2018
Limits for Use of Genealogy Databases in Criminal Investigations Must be Legislated, Experts Say 

‘The Week in Health Law’ Podcast - June 5, 2018
How the GSK Met his DNA

EthicsLab Podcast - May 26, 2018
Precision Medicine – Its Potential and Questions

LeapsMag - Jan. 9, 2018 
Deep Brain Stimulation for Mental Illnesses Raises Ethical Concerns

CBS This Morning - Oct. 24, 2017
DNA Scan for Infants Raise Questions of Privacy and Discrimination

Houstonia - Sept. 21, 2017
Interactive ‘The Conversation’ Series Is the Smartest Lunch Around 

Houston Chronicle - Sept. 17, 2017
New Law Limits Doctors' Ability to Invoke DNR Without Patient Consent

The New York Times - May 26, 2017
Where Will the Medical Misfits Go?

Houston Lifestyles & Homes - Jan. 3, 2017
Texas Executive Women Honors Women on the Move

The Washington Post - Oct. 20, 2016
How My IVF Baby Made Me Reconsider My View of IVF

US News & World Report - Oct. 5, 2016
Are Biases Hurting Your Health?

The Dallas Morning News - Sept. 6, 2016
Should employers know you're on birth control? Wellness data raises concerns

The New Yorker - Aug. 18, 2016
Poor and Uninsured in Texas

Higher Education Tribune - Aug. 4, 2016
Rice Offers Ethics and Society Programs for Houston-area High Schoolers

Genome Web - July 15, 2016
Ethics, guidelines for molecular autopsy in youth sudden death explored by Texan team

KUT - July 15, 2016
Adult Stem Cell Treatments May Be an Easy Sell, But The Science Is Still Up for Debate

HealthCare Matters - April 10, 2016
Dr. McGuire Discusses DNA

BCM Family - April 4, 2016
Student Corner: Arina Chesnokova

Momentum Blog - March 15, 2016
An outsider’s perspective on a medical data sharing conference

Momentum Blog - March 15, 2016
Ethics student to study medicine through lens of history

Baylor College of Medicine - Feb. 29, 2016
Advisory Committee to Address Framework for Building Medical Information Commons

TMC News - Jan. 29, 2016 
New ‘Purple’ Fellowship Brings East and Gulf Coasts Together for Medical Ethics

Ethicists explore ways to regulate unproven stem cell therapiesFeb 19, 2018
A new report demonstrates that individual and class action lawsuits from individuals injured by stem cell treatments can be an effective new tool in fighting to crack down on these unproven therapies.