Center faculty are frequently quoted by national, local and trade media seeking clarification and reaction to provocative stories capturing public attention.

Houston Public Media - Feb. 14, 2019
How Medical Advances Affect Modern Pursuit Of Parenthood

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Beyond Cadavers: Med Students Learn to Dissect Health Policy

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What a Fellowship Is and Why You Might Want One What a Fellowship Is and Why You Might Want One

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ACP Ethics Guidance Now Addresses Health Technology

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Updated ACP Ethics Manual Provides 6-Step Approach to Dilemmas 

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Experimental Treatment for Cardiac Arrest Patients to be Given Without Consent 

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Should You Send Your Kid's DNA to 23andMe?

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What Frankenstein Can Teach Us About Medical Ethics Today

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Gene-edited Babies Have Been Born. Now What? [Opinion] 

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How Taking a Home Genetic Test Could Help Catch a Murderer

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Scientific Experts Respond to Chinese Scientist's Claims of Creating World's First Gene-Edited Babies

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Expert Says Gene Editing Has 'Ethical Problems'

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Chinese Scientist and Houston Professor Claim to Have Created First Gene-Edited Babies 

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Genetic Ethics, and Teacher Pay 

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How Do We Know That Someone Is Dead? 

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Why a Baylor Researcher Told The World About His Mental Illness After Years of Silence

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What Frankenstein Can Teach Clinicians About Patient Care

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At ASHG, Researchers Discuss Newborn Sequencing's Potential, Challenges for Scaling

Associated Press - Oct. 11, 2018
Study: DNA Websites Cast Broad Net for Identifying People

Healthcare Analytics News - Oct. 6, 2018 
Privacy Concern or Public Benefit? Police Access to Consumer DNA in Question

National Geographic - Sept. 20, 2018
Octopuses Given Ecstasy for Science--But Is It Ethical?

Houston Public Media - Sept. 12, 2018
Political Roundup, and the Ethics of Prescribing Painkillers

USA Today - Sept. 11, 2018
Ban Tobacco Sales Until Age 21. It's a Bipartisan Way to Reduce Addiction and Death 

TMC News - Sept. 4, 2018 
Bracing for a Deficit of Doctors 

Medscape - Aug. 31, 2018
HHS HHS Will Review Watchdog Group's Call to Halt 'Risky' Sepsis Trial 

STAT News - July 10, 2018
National Academies Panel Urges Researchers to Routinely Share Test Results with Study Participants

GenomeWeb - June 7, 2018
Limits for Use of Genealogy Databases in Criminal Investigations Must be Legislated, Experts Say

‘The Week in Health Law’ Podcast - June 5, 2018
How the GSK Met his DNA

EthicsLab Podcast - May 26, 2018
Precision Medicine – Its Potential and Questions 

Science Friday - May 4, 2018
After The Golden State Killer, The Ethics Of Genetic Testing After The Golden State Killer, The Ethics Of Genetic Testing

Houston Chronicle - March 1, 2018
Ethicists Call for Lawsuits to Stop For-Profit Stem Cell Therapy

LeapsMag - Jan. 9, 2018 
Deep Brain Stimulation for Mental Illnesses Raises Ethical Concerns

Press Releases

Researchers analyze impact of newborn genomic screeningJan 3, 2019
As genomic sequencing becomes increasingly popular and accessible, an effort called the BabySeq Project aims to explore the medical, behavioral, economic and ethical impacts of adding genomic sequencing to the roster of screenings for newborns.
Topics for medical ethics, health policy seminar announcedAug 16, 2018
To help open and foster a dialogue with the broader Houston community, the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy announces the latest installments of its interactive seminar series, The Conversation.
Baylor ethicists discuss key issues facing citizen scienceJul 13, 2018
In a paper published in Science, ethicists at Baylor College of Medicine discuss the credit, control, quality and safety issues faced by citizen scientists.
Ethicists examine law enforcement’s use of genetic databasesJun 8, 2018
While the prospects from direct-to-consumer genetic are exciting, there also has been an emerging trend of law enforcement agencies using these databases to solve crimes and cold cases, raising complex questions about ethics and data access.
Ethicists: access needed after brain implant clinical trialsApr 24, 2018
In new research from Baylor College of Medicine, the ethical questions surrounding what happens to trial participants when these trials end are examined. 
Ethicists explore ways to regulate unproven stem cell therapiesFeb 19, 2018
A new report demonstrates that individual and class action lawsuits from individuals injured by stem cell treatments can be an effective new tool in fighting to crack down on these unproven therapies.